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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Prof. Mircea Rusu - Founder of the orthodontics and paedodontics in Romania

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Professor Mircea Rusu is the founder of the pediatric dental school from Iași. He founded the first pediatric dentistry clinic in 1963, but he always kept thinking about developing a modern building and he fulfilled this dream through the pediatric dentistry clinic in Lăpușneanu Street. At the base of this edifice, as well as of the whole activity, were three basic principles. The first was the psychoprotective principle - the child should come with pleasure, to feel protected when he comes to the dentist. Thus, he introduced melotherapy in the clinic, each unit being connected to a station that transmitted music permanently, organized in the clinic puppet theater performances and painting exhibitions. He reached this absolute necessity of child psychoprotection through studies and research in collaboration with the Psychiatric Hospital and the Department of Psychology in Cuza. The second principle was the prophylactic aspect in dentistry, and the third - the medical character of dentistry, which was developed through interdisciplinary collaborations with the clinics of endocrinology, ENT and ophthalmology. The teacher's insistence on this principle came from deep medical training. He was a maxillofacial surgeon, being a young assistant in Anatomy. This center - the Clinic of Pediatric Dentistry, due to its concept and organization, was evaluated and became a WHO collaboration center in 1985. On this occasion, there were new responsibilities, both for the professor, who was the director of the Clinic, and for the team. medical. International workshops were held and in 1994, the Conference on the Prevention of Dental Diseases was organized, under the slogan: Oral health for the health of life, a conference that has continued until now.

He also had a significant role in the development of the pediatric dentistry network, by setting up dental offices in schools in Iași and in large dental medical centers. He continued this idea as a methodological guide throughout Moldova.

He had a cult of friendship and interpersonal collaborations. In this sense, together with his good friend, Prof. Petre Firu from Bucharest, he introduced the summer advanced courses in pediatric dentistry, the first taking place in 1973, in Tismana. If at the beginning these courses only looked at the child, then they extended this manifestation to the adult as well. He really developed a friendship and collaboration with all the university centers.

He completed his activity with an impressive number of scientific papers, manuals, treatises, which were published in the country and abroad. His special merits have been recognized, as he is a member of many scientific societies in the country and abroad.

Memories at the twilight of the century: Interview with prof. Univ. Dr. Mircea Rusu, May 17, 2019

Considered the founder of orthodontics and pedodontics in Romania, the university professor doctor Mircea Rusu was born in Suharău, on August 29, 1920. He graduated from the “August Treboniu Laurian” High School in Botoșani in 1939 and the Faculty of Medicine in Iași in 1944. After a short acting as a military doctor and resident doctor, Mircea Rusu returns as a surgeon to the “Sf. Spiridon ”from Iași, and in 1948 he became an assistant professor and began a teaching and scientific career that will span more than six decades. He was head of department at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Grigore T. Popa" between 1970 - 1991. After retirement he continued teaching, being rector of the University "Apollonia" between 1991 - 2001, and continuing as a doctoral supervisor until in 2011.
He has had a prolific scientific activity (he is the author of valuable clinical studies, has over 350 papers communicated and published), has received numerous awards, decorations and distinctions - such as the Order "Merits in Education", in the rank of officer and the Order of Commander for activity in the field of health and is an honorary member of the Romanian-American Academy. In 1989, he was elected vice-president of the Committee of the Romanian Section of the Balkan Medical Union. He is an honorary citizen of the cities of Iași and Botoșani, as well as of his native commune, Ungureni.